Thursday 15th September 2016

Lynn/ practical-
At the start of the lesson we were told to share the story that we found last week, I found a parable not an old folk story, I got slightly confused between the difference. Lynn explain to me that old folk stories tend to have a moral behind it just like parables but old an folk story’s normally have many different versions of it. We listened to everyone else’s old folk stories and the one I liked the most was Ines’ because it was simple and I could visualise it really well. It was about a man and a magic paintbrush, this pint brush ends up on this mans bed side cabinet and starts painting things and realise his paintings come to life so he starts painting for the poor etc. The King find out about this paint brush and steals it, the King starts painting things for him but his paintings don’t come to life so he gets the man to paint for him, he asks him to paint gold for him so he can become more rich, the man asks the King why don’t he just paint him a spaceship which will send him to a planet filled with gold, the King agrees, when he gets on the spaceship it sends him to middle of the sea for being to greedy.
Urban legend- normally quite spooky stories and modern. Within the story they always say they are “true”.
7 kinds of stories- if you boil every story down to its essence there’s only 7 story’s.
The Seven Basic Plots are the basics of plot-writing.
Here you will find the seven plots but it in more detail
The seven basic plots-
Overcoming the Monster.
Rags to Riches.
The Quest.
Voyage and Return.
2nd lesson with Lynn/-
Questions to ask yourself when building a character-
Who am I? Are you shy? Loud? Quiet? Female? Male? Upperclass? Strong willed? Etc.
What time is it? Is it late at night, are you tired? Have you just woken up? Is it lunch time, are you hungry?
Where am I?
What surrounds me?
What are the given circumstances? – are the things you can’t argue with, if your in a play and your character is Victorian and poor, you can’t decide to change it.
What are my relationships?- every person you meet on stage your character will decide your relationship with them, wherever they like them, scared of them, or dislike them.
What do I want?- otherwise you’re just a body standing on the stage you need to show the audience what you stand for.
What is in the way?- what is stopping you from getting what you want.
What do i do to get it?- how you are going to get what I need.
A lot of these questions matter a lot and will affect how you play your character.

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